Friesians on Mackinac
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Browse our website to learn more about the beautiful and versatile Friesian horse. We feature many stunning photos of the horses in a variety of settings.

Learn about how a group of Friesians have found a special community in northern Michigan on the historic island of Mackinac where "Horse is King" and the Friesians are royalty! Enjoy photos of the horses enjoying leisurely rides on Mackinac, transporting their owners in style via antique carriages and demonstrating their elegant paces in the Annual Mackinac Island Festival of the Horse.

Our mare, Regina, gave birth in the spring of 2011 to Lincoln van Nanning. Find our more information about our beloved Regina and her impressive pedigree.

We hope you enjoy all our images of these incredibly beautiful horses who shine in the show ring, provide wonderful companionship and take our breaths away with their statuesque beauty!

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